Casey Anthony Released From Jail: Casey Hiding Out With Family in Ohio?

casey anthony
Is Casey Anthony hiding in Ohio?

Casey Anthony was released from jail just after midnight early this morning, and now everyone wants to know where she is headed next. I think it’s safe to say that Casey is the most hated woman in America right now, so wherever she goes, it is probably in her best interests to stay under cover for the rest of her life.

Though it has not been reported where exactly Casey Anthony was taken after her release from prison, there is some speculation that she may be in the state of Ohio. Around 1:00am, a leer jet took off from the Orlando Executive Airport just after police escorted cars showed up there. The plane supposedly flew to Columbus, Ohio.

Casey Anthony’s family is originally from Ohio, and it is quite possible that she may still have family ties there who have agreed to help her out upon her release. Even though she was not proven guilty in a court of law, most people believe that Casey Anthony is responsible for the death of her daughter, Caylee. Even if Casey does have family in Ohio, are they really willing to let her hide out with them?

Would you help your family member out if they were in Casey’s shoes?