Casey Anthony 'Sighting' In Orlando Deemed A Hoax (Video)

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Casey Anthony's location is still unknown.

If the entire country was blaming you for a crime you may or may not have committed, what would you do to hide? It seems that Casey Anthony’s camp has pulled an elaborate hoax on the world as a WFTV News video that was originally deemed as a ‘sighting’ in Orlando is now being considered fake.

The video shows a woman who looks to be Casey Anthony rushing from a plane, wearing the same exact outfit that Casey Anthony was wearing upon her release, and being rushed by security with a blanket over her head. We originally believed it to be a possible fake-out and now it is confirmed to be true.

Anthony’s current lawyer, Jose Baez said, “It is not her. It is 100 percent not Casey Anthony. We wouldn’t bring her back to Orlando three days after she left, in broad daylight. It doesn’t even look like her. This is Macaluso playing games.”

The whereabouts of Anthony are still unknown, but perhaps that is best for everyone involved.



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