Casey Anthony Turns Down Mom's Attempted Visit In Jail

casey anthony
Casey Anthony refuses to see her own mother.

Just days after Casey Anthony was cleared on charges that she murdered her daughter, her mother attempted to visit her in jail. But Casey turned her mother away, a Florida correctional official said.

Cindy Anthony took the stand for both the prosecution and defense during the six-week trial. And in-jail phone conversations between her and Casey were presented to the jury.

Casey heard about her mother’s planned visit in the morning and denied the request.

It seems as though Casey is holding a grudge against her own mother. I feel as though Casey should be in the best mood in the world. She’ll be a free woman by the end of July. And whether or not she actually committed the crime will always be a mystery.

Hopefully Cindy and Casey can find a way to mend their troubled relationship. They’re sure going to need one another.

[Photo via Flickr.]

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