Casey Anthonys Lawyer in NYC Meeting with Networks for First Big Interview: Will It Be Coming Soon?


Casey Anthony: Will an Interview Be Coming Soon?

There had been rumors that the big networks those in New York City were going to try to stay clear of an interview with that most notorious mom in America Casey Anthony. But NYC is reportedly where Jose Baez, Anthony’s lawyer and now de facto manger is. He’s there apparently meeting with the big time networks NBC, ABC and CBS to try to broker a deal for the first Casey Anthony interview.  Now, the networks like to claim they don’t pay for interviews but… they compensate their interviewees in other ways, for large sums of money being paid for photographs or other material. And apparently there is a large amount of money on the table.

The front runners? According to TMZ, NBC is leading the pack, with ABC coming in second and CBS in the back. The other game in town? According to reports Anthony and Baez met with a freelance producer named Al Taylor who was looking to sell the exclusive to Jerry Springer. The Today Show vs. Jerry Springer? There’s quite a difference there. But many have said that they would boycott whatever network dared to air an interview with Anthony, but odds are many would tune in regardless.

Would you tune in for a Casey Anthony interview?

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