Casting A 'Teen Mom' Movie (Photos)


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The original cast of 'Teen Mom.'

Teen Mom has been a huge phenomena ever since it debuted on MTV a few years ago. So why not plan for a movie version of the reality hit?

Sex and the City transitioned from the small screen to the silver screen, and Pretty Little Liars plans on airing 4 seasons followed by a movie.Because of this, we feel it’s only appropriate to toy with the idea of turning television’s biggest reality hit into a feature film!

But instead of using the real-life versions of Maci Bookout, Chelsea Houska, and Farrah Abraham, we decided to cast these girls with today’s hottest actresses!

Take a look below at who we’d cast in the roles of Maci, Chelsea, Farrah, and the rest of the Teen Mom cast!

  • Chelsea Houska 1 of 23
    Chelsea Houska
    Chelsea is a young, fun-spirited mom.
  • Jamie Lynn Spears as “Chelsea Houska” 2 of 23
    Jamie Lynn Spears as "Chelsea Houska"
    Seeing as how they're already friends, Jamie Lynn Spears would make a great actress to play Chelsea in a 'Teen Mom' movie.
  • Maci Bookout 3 of 23
    Maci Bookout
    Maci is strong-willed and loves her son Bentley.
  • Britney Spears as “Maci Bookout” 4 of 23
    Britney Spears as "Maci Bookout"
    Britney also loves her sons as much as Maci. She often reminds me of Maci in that aspect.
  • Catelynn Lowell 5 of 23
    Catelynn Lowell
    Catelynn was always a role model as mother who put her daughter up for adoption.
  • Nikki Blonsky as “Catelynn Lowell” 6 of 23
    Nikki Blonsky as "Catelynn Lowell"
    Nikki rocked it in 'Hairspray' and she'd do an awesome job at playing Catelynn.
  • Tyler Baltierra 7 of 23
    Tyler Baltierra
    Tyler is full of love and always makes people laugh.
  • Matthew Lillard as “Tyler Baltierra” 8 of 23
    Matthew Lillard as "Tyler Baltierra"
    Matthew Lillard may be a bit older, but he certainly looks the part of Tyler.
  • Kailyn Lowry 9 of 23
    Kailyn Lowry
    Kailyn has cute girl-next-door looks and has a good head on her shoulders.
  • Hilary Duff as “Kailyn Lowry” 10 of 23
    Hilary Duff as "Kailyn Lowry"
    Hilary would be a perfect match to play Kailyn. And it helps that she knows what it's like to be a mom to a baby boy!
  • Amber Portwood 11 of 23
    Amber Portwood
    Amber is a troubled young woman. Unfortunately, she seems too hard to cast. Who would you pick?
  • Farrah Abraham 12 of 23
    Farrah Abraham
    Farrah is a model, but has a bit of an attitude.
  • Snooki as “Farrah Abraham” 13 of 23
    Snooki as "Farrah Abraham"
    Snooki has the same fierceness. She'd tell people like it is - just like Farrah.
  • Ryan Edwards 14 of 23
    Ryan Edwards
    Ryan is absolutely beautiful.
  • Joshua Bowman as “Ryan Edwards” 15 of 23
    Joshua Bowman as "Ryan Edwards"
    'Revenge' actor Joshua Bowman has equal good looks. And he's a rising star. He'd play a great Ryan.
  • Leah Messer 16 of 23
    Leah Messer
    Leah is a cute southern girl with gorgeous blonde hair.
  • Ashley Benson as “Leah Messer” 17 of 23
    Ashley Benson as "Leah Messer"
    'Pretty Little Liars' star Ashley Benson may not look like Leah, but she has great acting skills.
  • Corey Simms 18 of 23
    Corey Simms
    Leah's ex Corey Simms may not be a key player anymore, but his relationship with Leah would be a great storyline for a movie.
  • Matt Lanter as “Corey Simms” 19 of 23
    Matt Lanter as "Corey Simms"
    Matt Lanter is definitely a lot better looking than Corey, but movies always cast people who look like models.
  • Jenelle Evans 20 of 23
    Jenelle Evans
    Jenelle has had her fair share of legal troubles...
  • Lindsay Lohan as “Jenelle Evans” 21 of 23
    Lindsay Lohan as "Jenelle Evans"
    Lohan would know exactly how to channel Jenelle's inner bad girl.
  • Gary Shirley 22 of 23
    Gary Shirley
    Gary is Amber's other half most of the time.
  • Jonah Hill as “Gary Shirley” 23 of 23
    Jonah Hill as "Gary Shirley"
    We'd cast a heavier Jonah Hill to play Gary in a 'Teen Mom' movie.

[Photos via Pacific Coast News/Twitter/PR Photos.]

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