Cate Blanchett Is A Stay At Home Mom


infphoto_1140614If a director wants Cate Blanchett in their movie, they better consider  filming in or around the Aussie star’s house or else during spring break.

With 3 sons to take care of, Cate’s criteria for which roles she accepts revolves almost completely around her boys’ school schedules. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with that if you can afford it… and Cate obviously can.

Says Blanchett:

“With my film choices it used to be a question of, ‘Who’s directing it?’

Now it’s, ‘How long is the shoot and where are they filming?’ Recently I said yes to something because filming is in the Easter holidays. The children need to be in school now.”

I think it’s awesome that Cate tailors her filming schedule around her sons. Apparently, keeping things local is an important part of Cate’s strategy — she even likes to work from home whenever possible.

“The main priorities are the children and the theater. The day begins at about 5.30am — my youngest is an early riser. After breakfast, I walk the kids to school — they go to the state primary at the end of the street.

Then I either work from home or go into the office at the theater. Andrew and I job-share, so there’s always someone to motor the family wheels.”

Source/Photo: INF Daily

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