Catherine Zeta-Jones Misses Letting Her Kids Run Around Naked


Last week, it was Heidi Klum talking about how comfortable she is walking around naked. Now Catherine Zeta-Jones is touting the wonders of going au naturale – and longing for days past, when she and her kids used to wander around in the buff.

According to Showbiz Spy, the actress, who takes it all off for the May issue of Allure, bemoans the way life has changed since she and husband Michael Douglas moved their two kids, Dylan and Carys, back to New York this winter. “In Bermuda, the children were like naked, opening the back door,” she said. “So was I. Just running out into the garden. It’s really hard to do that in Central Park!”

Well, yes. Unless you are looking to get arrested.

She claims that having spent a life in the theater has made her comfortable with her body to the point that being naked just isn’t a big deal.

Uh-huh. Heidi Klum said something similar. My favorite part of these two raving about how much they like to be naked is how they attribute it to some factor like their upbringing, or life in the theater, rather than the obvious: these two won the genetic lottery. If I looked like either Heidi Klum or Catherine Zeta-Jones, I’d never wear clothes again. Well, maybe to school pick-up. But that’s it.

Source/Photo: Pacific Coast

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