Caught In The Rain! Ben Affleck And His Daughter Violet Make A Run For It (Photos)

Ben Affleck

It looks like it was Ben Affleck’s turn to do the school run to pick up his girls. The hot Hollywood actor was spotted picking up his daughter Violet from school and unfortunately for them they had to make a run for it back to their car as it was pouring rain!

If this were Jennifer Garner, she so would have had an umbrella with her, LOL.

Regardless, Ben looks like a doting (and hot) dad, as always. Take a look at all of our fun photos below and let us know what you think.

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    Ben Affleck
    Doting dad Ben Affleck races to the car in the rain with daughter Violet as he picks her up from school in Los Angeles.
  • Rain 2 of 5
    Yikes! It looks like Violet is trying to make a run for it with all the rain.
  • Wet, Wet, Wet 3 of 5
    Wet, Wet, Wet
    Where's an umbrella when you need one?
  • Where’s Mom? 4 of 5
    Where's Mom?
    I'm sure next time Violet is probably going to want mom Jennifer Garner to pick her up, LOL.
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    Tell Us Your Thoughts
    How often do you and your partner take turns doing the school run with your kids?

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