CBS Early Show Firings: A Viewer Boycott in the Works?

CBS Early Show
Harry Smith Fired - A Viewer Boycott in the Works?

Fans of the CBS Morning Show are a wee bit upset at the recent firing of Harry Smith, Dave Price and Maggie Rodriguez.  The cast is being replaced on Monday morning with new anchors Erica, Chris Wragge, and Jeff Glor.   Many viewers were unaware of the firings and have been upset to find their favorite anchors missing from the morning show this week. 

Are viewers planning to boycott the CBS Early Show?

News that beloved anchor Harry Smith’s firing is hitting viewers the hardest and many fans are declaring their intention to stop watching the CBS Early Show forever.    While the news of the decision to fire Harry Smith, Maggie Rodriguez and weatherman Dave Price broke at the end of November, it is their absence this week that is hitting viewers badly.    It will remain to be seen if viewers flock away to CNN, Good Morning America, and the Today show on Monday morning when the new cast makes their debut. 

For all the Harry Smith fans, you will still be able to see your favorite morning man on CBS filling in Katie Couric on the CBS Evening News and basically anywhere  else that the news crew needs some help.

Will you boycott the CBS Early Show after the cast firings?

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