CBS Early Show Introduces New Anchors: Will You Tune In Or Change the Channel?

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CBS Early Show Introduces New Anchors

It’s a new year and that brings about lots of changes.  The first changes of the week are being rolled out over at CBS as the new anchors take their spots at The Early Show. 

The new lineup includes Saturday “Early Show” anchors Chris Wragge and Erica Hill with Marysol Castro (formerly of Good Morning America’s weekend lineup) doing the weather.   While the new anchors are fine, they just aren’t the same as the beloved Harry Smith who was unceremoniously fired to make room for the new anchors.

Will you tune in to CBS The Early Show or change the channel?

The news that CBS was sacking its former morning show cast of Harry Smith, Maggie Rodriguez, and Dave Price has come as quite a shock to dedicated viewers of The Early Show with many vowing to change the channel in protest.  The move to replace the anchors with newer (younger) models is meant to bring a breath of fresh air to the program that has struggled against NBC’s Today and ABC’s Good Morning America.  The shock and outrage felt by longtime viewers may in fact have the opposite effect driving what audience CBS has captured to flee to other networks and the cable news channels.

What did you think of the new anchors of CBS The Early Show?  Will you tune in or change the channel?

Photo: CBS