CBS News Lara Logan: Women Step Up to Save The News Correspondent


It was bad enough when Anderson Cooper was attacked by a mob while covering the Egyptian protests last week.  It is a whole new level of low when CBS News Correspondent Lara Logan was sexually assaulted and beaten covering the stepdown of Egyptian president Hosni. 

While the events of February 11 were a moment of jubilation for the country, it turned into a moment of terror for CBS correspondent Lara Logan who was covering the celebration following the stepdown of the President for 60 Minutes.   In the midst of the celebration, she was separated from her crew and was sexually assaulted and beaten.    It took a group of women to step up and save the reporter along with the assistance of approximately 20 Egyptian soldiers.   She is now back in the United States and is currently hospitalized for her injuries. 

It is truly said that such a dramatic moment in history would be tarnished by such a traumatic act of violence against a reporter.   It is only through the brave actions of the group of women that Lara Logan was able to minimize any further injury and potentially save her life.   

Photo: Wikipedia

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