CBS Reporter Lara Logan - Personal Facts Her Life


After the brutal attack Lara Logan endured in Egypt, CBS Reporter Lara Logan has been getting a lot of media attention – and not all of it good. Some people actually asked the question if she deserved to be raped because of her “Hollywood good looks”. I was completely appalled by the suggestion, and thought it would be a good time to remind people that Lara Logan is a person, with a family, and a life off camera.

Lara Logan was born on March 29, 1971. Logan was born in Durban, South Africa. She attended the University of Natal in Durban and graduated in 1992.

She is a South African television and radio journalist and war correspondent. She is also currently a correspondent for 60 Minutes, appears in segments for CBS Evening News, and since 2006, has been the Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent for CBS News – which is what led her to Egypt.

Lara is married, and her husband Joe Burkett, is a U.S. Federal Government defense contractor from Texas; the couple met in Iraq. They had a son in January, 2009.

She was married once before in 1999  Jason Siemon, a professional basketball player in the United Kingdom. The couple divorced in 2005.