CBS Reporter Lara Logan: Why She is Returning to Work Within Weeks. Is It Too Soon?


Laura LoganOne thing about CBS reporter Lara Logan? She is one tough cookie. Not only did the mom of two return to Egpyt after being detained by the military and realizing she may not be safe there, but now she says she almost ready to go back to work, “within weeks.”

Lara Logan was brutally assaulted and raped while in Egpyt covering the celebration of their freedom. But for Lara Logan, the celebration got very very ugly. The day after the attacks she was flown back to the states and admitted to the hospital. She is now at home with her husband and children.

What is her state of mind right now?

Her friends (via TMZ) have said that she has spoken frankly and candidly about the attacks and that,  “ what happened to her in Egypt will not destroy her.” Another friend said that Lara has an “incredibly tough constitution” and that she is “unbelievably strong.”

Logan went back to Egypt after being detained by the military there and realizing she was not safe. She had said that it was “in her blood to be covering this story.” She is a seasoned, tough, and incredibly hard working but do you think just a couple weeks off after an attack like this is enough? Or is getting right back to living her life the way to go?