CBS The Talk - Where Is Marissa Jaret Winokur? (Video)


marissa jaret winokurThe Talk made its premiere this afternoon without one of its announced co-hosts.  When the new talk show debuted with the ladies sitting around a table chatting, co-host Marissa Jaret Winokur was mysteriously missing.  Where is the Broadway veteran?

Although she is credited as a co-host, Marissa will be receiving less screen time thant the other ladies.   

What will Marissa be doing on the show?


Marissa explained her role on the show to The New York Post saying, “My biggest function is that I take the show on the road I do a show within a show. Or at least I keep telling myself that to make my role feel more important than it probably is [laughs]. I’m going out and talking to people on the street. Then I take the camera into my home and talk about how I don’t know how to cook anything and some poor woman has to help me cook. I feel like I’m bringing the people who can’t come onto the show to the show.”

So basically don’t expect to see the Broadway star hanging around the studio with the other ladies!

What do you think about Marissa’s role on the show?