CBS Wants Charlie Sheen Back on Two and a Half Men?


charlie sheenCBS wants Charlie Sheen back on Two and a Half Men?  Amid rumors that Sheen is talking to FOX, reports that CBS wants Charlie back!

The network has 2.89 million reasons to want Sheen back. According to a report published last week, Two and a Half Men brought in $2.89 million in ad revenue per half hour show for CBS!

RadarOnline reports that CBS is “ready, willing, and able to forgive and forget all of Sheen’s recent antics and continue broadcasting the series, with Sheen back in the starring role.”

The celebrity news publication says that CBS President and CEO Les Moonves has been talking to the executives at Warner Bros. Television.

Warner Bros. TV is the company that fired Sheen, so CBS is putting pressure on the company to make nice with the troubled star. No word on whether Les Moonves has convinced Warner Bros. to bring Charlie back.

Charlie Sheen is hitting the road, taking his craziness on tour.  The wild celebrity has 20 concert dates booked across the country.