Celeb Chef Ina Garten Denies Dying Child Their Last Wish

ina garten, barefoot contessa
Ina Garten Denies A Dying Child His Last Wish.

The Make A Wish Foundation broke some bad news to a dying 6-year-old boy when Ina Garten let them know she was too busy to cook with the little boy.

The little boy, Enzo, was approached by the organization after he was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia three years ago.

Enzo made it clear that he really wanted to cook with Ina Garten as he always watched her show, Barefoot Contessa, while resting in bed with his mommy.

Make A Wish contacted Garten last year, but at the time she was busy with a book tour. After insisting Enzo pick another wish, he said he would wait until she was available.

The organization approached the chef once again this year, but her people replied with a “definite no” and blamed it on scheduling conflicts.

Enzo is said to be extremely devastated. He asked his parents, “Why doesn’t she want to meet me?”

A rep for Garten tells TMZ, “Despite her demanding schedule, [Ina] participates and helps as many organizations as she can throughout the year, helping children and adults like Enzo with life threatening and compromising illnesses.

The rep continues, “Unfortunately, as much as she would like to, it’s absolutely impossible for her to grantevery request she receives.”

Enzo has since made a new wish to swim with dolphins and has already started taking lesson so that his wish can come true.

Do you believe Ina Garten is to blame or was it simply bad timing?