Celeb Dad A-Rod (aka Alex Rodriguez) Hits 600th Home Run


Celebrity dad (and serial dater) Alex Rodriguez hit his 600th home run today for the New York Yankees, capping off a nearly two-week stretch without hitting the long ball. A-Rod hit the homer off Toronto Blue Jay’s right-hander Shaun Marcum this afternoon, making him the youngest player to ever do so. The event was long-awaited, with the MLB requiring that special balls be used for each of his at-bats.

So with number 600 finally here, what’s next on the milestone list for this ball-playing dad?

The 35-year-old Rodriguez — who didn’t expect to hit 600 so soon — is aiming to win another championship with the New York Yankees. They came into today’s game nearly even with the Tampa Bay Rays for first place, so we’re sure making the playoffs is the next big accomplishment on his mind. And hey, if he can get to 600 at 35, maybe 700 isn’t too far away!


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