Celeb Dad Brad Pitt Speaks Candidly On BP Oil Spill


Brad Pitt’s stance on marriage changed once he met Angelina Jolie.  And now, due to the BP Oil Spill, he is reconsidering his stance on the death penalty.

In HBO’s upcoming documentary ‘If God Is Willing and Da Creek Don’t Rise,’ a film by Spike Lee marking the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, the actor-activist said BP oil executives like the much-maligned Tony Hayward should possibly pay the ultimate price for the Gulf oil disaster.

“I was never for the death penalty before — I am willing to look at it again,” he remarked.

Those are some pretty strong words coming from Pitt who is a father to six children with Jolie.  As a father, I think your personal perspectives change  on a lot of stances.  And I feel that Pitt also makes it a point to think before he speaks because of that.  This doesn’t seem like something he will regret saying later in life.  But,  I feel as though his comments about this situation are out of line.  Who is Pitt to decide if these BP Oil executives should receive the death penalty or not?  As Jennifer Aniston has said, “There is a sensitivity chip that is missing from Brad.”

“If God Is Willing” premieres Monday night on HBO.

How do you feel about Brad’s viewpoint with the death penalty?