Celeb Dad David Gray Releases Second Album in Less Than a Year


Folk-rock singer David Gray took nearly four years off from the music biz, but is coming back in a big way, releasing Foundling, his second album in less than a year. The married father of two, who hails from the UK, got radio play in the United States in the 1990s, backed by fellow folk-rockstar Dave Matthews, but saw his star fade off recently. His hiatus was a way to recapture his creative roots, and watch himself grow. The result? Two new albums dropping in a ridiculously short timespan.

The albums are significantly different, with Gray telling the Canadian Press that Foundling is a “listening record,” while his previous release Draw the Line was a more socially-charged jump back into the music world. How did Gray manage to pull off getting two complete albums done in such a small amount of time?

He recorded them at the same time! Gray came up with such a “sprawling” amount of material during his break that he was able to go back and forth between genres of music, therefore resulting in two great albums. He also spent time with his wife and kids. He and his wife have been married 17 years, and when asked why the marriage has lasted so long, he admitted that “my wife and I are always at each others’ throats.”

The secret to a great marriage… or just great music?


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