Celeb Dad Style? Kevin Federline Takes "Dad Frump" To a Whole New Level (Photos)

kevin federline
Kevin Federline seriously needs some new duds.

Kevin Federline just became a dad for the 5th time earlier this week, and having all those kids really seems to be taking its toll on his looks and style. Granted, Kevin was never really an Adonnis, but back when he first started dating Britney Spears, he looked sort of cute…sometimes? Bear with me while I try to be nice here.

Kevin really seems to have the whole messy style thing down to a “T.” In fact, he pretty much takes the concept of “Dad Frump” to a whole new level.

It’s obvious that Kevin has put on a few pounds in the past few years, but even so, you’d think that he would at least put a little effort into getting dressed in the morning. His closet must primarily contain baggy t-shirts, long shorts, and sneakers. On any given day, Kevin can be seen in this uniform, no matter what he is doing.

Kevin may not be an angel, but he does seem like he’s a pretty good dad who is devoted to his kids. That being said, it really wouldn’t hurt him to hop on the treadmill and step up his wardrobe just a tad.

Here are more photos of Kevin Federline rockin’ the “Dad Frump” look.


  • Looking Disheveled 1 of 10
    Looking Disheveled
  • Coach Kevin 2 of 10
    Coach Kevin
  • Does he ever take off that baseball uniform? 3 of 10
    Does he ever take off that baseball uniform?
  • What a classy dude! 4 of 10
    What a classy dude!
  • What’s in the bag? 5 of 10
    What's in the bag?
  • Favorite White T-Shirt 6 of 10
    Favorite White T-Shirt
  • Changing things up with color. 7 of 10
    Changing things up with color.
  • At the Mall – Don’t they sell nicer clothes there? 8 of 10
    At the Mall - Don't they sell nicer clothes there?
  • Is take-out really a good idea for Kevin? 9 of 10
    Is take-out really a good idea for Kevin?
  • Kevin’s Glammed-Up Red Carpet Look 10 of 10
    Kevin's Glammed-Up Red Carpet Look