Celeb Dad Style: Matt Damon's Buzzed Head is Contagious (Photos)


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Matt Damon arrived via gondola to the 68th Venice Film Festival.




Contagion actor  Matt Damon arrived by gondola and then posed for photos at the 68th Venice Film Festival at the Palazzo del Cinema in Venice, Italy on Saturday (September 3).

Despite his best friend Ben Affleck expecting his third child, Damon recently said that him and his wife Lucia have closed up shop for more children.

There’s something about Damon’s buzzed head that works for him. It makes him look at least ten years younger. What do you think?

Fellow costar Gwyneth Paltrow also arrived via gondola and looked super sharp in bright orange.

Check out the photos below!

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    Matt Damon
    Matt Damon arrived to promote 'Contagion.'
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    Matt Damon
    Matt Damon arrive via gondola.
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    Matt Damon
    Matt Damon looks ten years younger with his buzzed head.
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    Matt Damon
    Matt Damon knows how to look good!
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    Matt Damon
    What do you think of Damon's style?

[Photos via Pacific Coast News]



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