Celeb Dad Style: Orlando Bloom's Casual Lunch Date Look (Photo)

orlando bloom
Orlando Bloom's casual style works for him.

Celeb dad Orlando Bloom honestly couldn’t look bad if he tried, which he proved with his unassuming style for a lunch date with wife Miranda Kerr, and their baby, Flynn. While most guys would look pretty drab in Orlando’s outfit, he pulled off this casual grey t-shirt and black pants looking as handsome as he always does.

Orlando Bloom definitely isn’t lacking in the looks department, but the fact that he’s such a devoted and hands-on dad to son, Flynn, makes him even more attractive.

Orlando doesn’t seem to have any qualms about caring for Flynn, and he even kept him overnight for the first time recently while Miranda Kerr went to Korea to promote her partnership with Kia.

Most celeb dads probably would’ve passed the baby over to a nanny while mom was away, but Bloom seemed perfectly content to have some one-on-one time with his little boy.

That Miranda Kerr is one lucky lady!

Photo: Pacific Coast News