Celeb Dad Style: Our Fave Celebrity Dads in Suits! Tie or No Tie? (Photos)

Patrick Dempsey

Tie or no tie?

That is the suit question!

These celebrity dads can dress up a suit and look pretty darn handsome.  But for some, the tie is tossed aside and shirts are unbuttoned.  And we thank you for that!

I think only some men can pull off this more casual look and manage to look well put together and “dressy”.

Take a look at our fave celeb dads in suits and tell us what you think!

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  • Hugh Jackman 1 of 13
    Hugh Jackman
    Jackman looks dapper on the "Late Show With David Letterman". Even without a tie.
  • Pierce Brosnan 2 of 13
    Pierce Brosnan
    Can this James Bond look any more handsome? Even without a tie... however wearing one might have looked better.
  • Antonio Banderas 3 of 13
    Antonio Banderas
    Antonio looks dashing dressed up or down.
  • Alec Baldwin 4 of 13
    Alec Baldwin
    Baldwin was honored with star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this past February. Should he have worn a tie to accept this honor?
  • Neil Patrick Harris 5 of 13
    Neil Patrick Harris
    NPH was honored with a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame this September.
  • Matthew McConaughey 6 of 13
    Matthew McConaughey
    Does Matthew look good or does he look like a waiter?
  • Patrick Dempsey 7 of 13
    Patrick Dempsey
    What a perfect shot of Patrick at the "Transformers 3" Berlin Premiere.
  • Tim McGraw 8 of 13
    Tim McGraw
    Is that really Tim McGraw??? He looks fab!
  • Colin Firth 9 of 13
    Colin Firth
    Oh Mr. Darcy! Not really feeling the wide tie...
  • Ben Affleck 10 of 13
    Ben Affleck
    Ben is as handsome as ever.
  • Scott Disick 11 of 13
    Scott Disick
    Scott is probably the most stylish celeb dads out there right now.
  • Henry Pinault 12 of 13
    Henry Pinault
    Pinault here with Salma Hayek at the Yves Saint Laurent fashion show in Paris.
  • Tom Hanks 13 of 13
    Tom Hanks
    Tom looking spiffy at the "Larry Crowne" UK Premiere.

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