Celeb Dad Wyclef Jean Hospitalized For Exhaustion


wyclef jeanIt’s tiring, attempting to run for president. At least it seems that way for musician Wyclef Jean. Jean made a strong attempt to run for the president of Haiti–his home nation–this summer, but failed nonethless, and faced scrutiny from fellow celebs (Hello, Sean Penn), Haitians and other doubters.

Apparently the whole process got to him, because Jean was hospitalized for fatigue last night in New Jersey, according to his Twitter account. A source who spoke with Billboard said the musician has been suffering from headaches for weeks, and it finally got the best of him.

“He has been following a very heavy schedule that has taken him to Europe twice, Asia and Africa, at the same time he’s working to finish his upcoming album and he has been meeting with a few heads of State during the General Assembly Session at the U.N.,” the source said.

Should Jean, a father of one daughter with wife Marie Claudinette, cut back on his schedule? It can’t be good for his daughter for him to be exhausted, suffering from headaches, and in the hospital.


Photo: Charles Norfleet/PR Photos