Celeb Kid Style: Tori Spelling's Daughter Stella Gets Feather Hair Extensions!

Tori Spelling's daughter Stella gets feather hair extensions

Tori Spelling and her family is in Toronto – my city!

Tori recently tweeted out where to get feather extensions for her daughter, three-year-old Stella, in Toronto and I guess she finally found the salon to get them!

Tori tweeted: “FOUND them! Stella getting royal treatment at Salon Escape in Yorkville in 2. Only place tht has the feathers”

The feather trend has become the latest accessory so popular in Hollywood in fact that it’s caused a bit of a feather shortage?

How to achieve the look? The extensions are added by clamping the feather to a section of your hair with a metal clamp and pliers. Eek! The feathers are made to live through hair washing but they can be taken out.

Do you think Stella is too young for extensions or is it a cute celeb kid trend?

Photo: Twitter

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