Celeb Kids Say the Darnedest Things!

liam mcdermott
Liam McDermott had something funny to say about this snake!

My boys often say things that have me trying to hide a giggle or to wonder where on earth they come up with this stuff!

Celeb kids are no different. Celeb moms share the funny things their kids have said lately:

Denise Richards: “I asked my daughter Lola why she’s so messy she said “I was born that way” I didn’t quite know what to say after!”

Tori Spelling: “O-M-G! Liam just said ‘mama wanna hop on and take a ride on my magic snake?'” To go along with the pic at the left.

Gwyneth Paltrow: “Just leaving super fun production of the wizard of oz. Apple saw the sign and called it wizard of ounce. Brilliant.”

Emily Maynard: “Oh man.. Ricki asked me if its true that Justin Bieber only likes brunettes. Does it really begin the DAY she turns 6?!”

Brooke Burke: “My son says ‘I have 2 mommies, 1 in there & 1 here.’ Lol. Try explaining that one.

Jessica Alba: “Driving in car my 3yr old daughter says ‘What’s that noise? Oh, it’s probably just Steady As She Goes’ … She was right :|”

Sherri Shepherd: “Jeffrey in kids’ jacuzzi-a preteen says “Mom everyone can see my butt!” Jeffrey says “Can I see?” horrifying but perfectly good question”

Candace Cameron Bure: “My son asked, ‘Mom, what concert are you going to? New Boys Down the Block?’ Let my childhood live on!! #NKOTBBSB”

Kimberly Williams Paisley: “The state of hygiene in our house: Me:’I’m gonna go take a shower.’ Huck looks very confused. ‘But MOM’, he says, ‘You showered yesterday!'”

Soliel Moon Frye: “My three year old just said out of the blue ‘Get in the game, mom!’ Really, where does this stuff come from?”

Photo: Twitter