Celeb Kids Who Are Girly Girls


Ok, ok, so there’s a big hoopla over Shiloh Jolie-Pitt being photographed wearing swim trunks and dressing like a boy. The opinions on Shiloh’s tomboy look are “varied” to say the least, but I think that the topic has pretty much run its course.

I’m sure that there are plenty of other little girls out there who prefer to dress in boys’ attire, but I thought it would be fun to look at the other end of the spectrum and highlight some girly girls out there in Hollywood! They deserve their time in the spotlight as well, don’t you think?

Katie Holmes’ daughter, Suri Cruise, is quite the little fashionista, isn’t she? She pretty much sets the prerequisite as far as being girly goes! Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a photo of Suri wearing anything other than a dress or skirt.  She looks more put together than I do most days…and I know she’s got a better wardrobe than me!

Here are a couple other celeb mamas who have girly girls on their hands as well:

Ali Landry’s daughter, Estela, is certainly stylin’ in her cute frock and red bow!

And Tori Spelling’s daughter, Stella, is well on her way to asking her mom to take her on shopping trips!

Photos: PRPhotos