Celeb Mom Flashback: Jennifer Beals in Flashdance


Jennifer BealsThese days celebrity mom Jennifer Beals is known as mom to Ella and for her role on the Showtime series The L Word. But in the 80’s, Jennifer Beals was the IT girl in Hollywood because of the blockbuster hit Flashdance!

This picture of Jennifer Beals is from an Extra Interview at The Grove in Los Angeles yesterday. At 47, this former Flashdance queen looks AMAZING.

Jennifer gave birth to her first child, daughter Ella Dixon in 1998.  Ella’s father is Beals’ husband, entrepreneur Ken Dixon.  Dixon has two children from his previous marriage so Jennifer Beals has a full family life. 

When PEOPLE asked the celeb mom and actress about her career, Beals said she is great with how things turned out with her career! Even though she exploded into super-stardom with Flashdance, Jennifer says she likes her current status in Hollywood:

“It’s been perfect. I can still ride a subway and work with great people. I can’t imagine being Julia Roberts. I don’t have the fortitude to withstand that kind of attention.”

Jennifer Beals most recent role is on the Showtime TV-cable series The L Word playing a lesbian art gallery manager named Bette Porter.

In case you need a fix for the 80s, here’s a clip from the 1983 hit Flashdance!

Photo: PRPhotos