Gwen Stefani Wants a Baby Girl!


There’s been rumors floating around recently that rock star Gwen Stefani might be pregnant. And now the 41 year-old singer and fashion icon is admitting that she’s ready to have another baby…and hopes this one is a little girl.

Gwen is married to 45 year-0ld rocker Gavin Rossdale. The couple have been married since 2002. They have two sons; 4 year-old Kingston and 2 year-old Zuma, but the couple are ready for a little girl, and  have even consulted a fertility specialist to help them conceive a girl.

A friend of the star couple told In Touch that “Instead of leaving it up to fate, they’ve decided to get science involved. They are taking measures to better the odds.”

I had to seek the help of a fertility specialist for both of my pregnancies, and I know it is possible for the doctor to “better the odds” for you. My question though is, what if they still get a boy? What will they do then?

Photo: PRPhotos