Celeb Mom Katherine Heigl Channels Harry Potter?


Katherine Heigl Celeb mom Katherine Heigl seemed to be channeling Harry Potter at a recent lunch with her mom.  We don’t want to diss another mom but if I saw one of my friends wearing Katherine Heigl’s outfit I would tell them: JUST SAY NO!

We mothers have to stick together—it would be WRONG for me not to say anything about Heigl’s lunch outfit.

First, the Harry Potter robe doesn’t work outside Hogwarts. Harsh but true. Second, it’s a daytime lunch with your mom—do you really need the high heels and top that lets it all hang out? Now, if Katherine  were going on a date with husband Josh Kelley…that’s a different story.

Katherine’s husband, singer-songwriter Josh Kelley is touring to promote his new album Georgia Clay and the actress says their daughter Naleigh is missing her daddy!

The Daily Mail reports that Katherine recently spilled it about Naleigh being a major daddy’s girl:

“I’m letting go. I mean, Naleigh is so her father’s daughter and she adores him!”

Don’t be mad, Katherine–we love your work and you are a fabulous mom.  But even you need to JUST SAY NO sometimes.

Katherine Heigl
Sometimes, Even Katherine Heigl Should JUST SAY NO!

Photos: PacificCoastNews

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