Celebrity Mom Style: Amy Poehler's Major Mommy Fashion Disaster (Photos)

amy poehler
Amy Poehler Is One Influential Mom!

Amy Poehler must be suffering from mommy sleep exhaustion based on her fashion choice for Time Magazine’s 100 Most Influential People Event last night! 

The actress who welcomed her second son, Abel, in August 2010, just has to be suffering from the exhaustion of taking care of an infant and a toddler (big brother Archibald, 2) because her dress selection did absolutely nothing for her curvy figure.  While the top was classic Amy, it’s the bottom of the dress that does an absolutely disservice by bringing the focus away from her gorgeous face with it’s overly vibrant print.

While the dress was a fashion miss, Amy Poehler was an absolute hit as one of the most influential women on television.   Her Parks and Recreationscostar Aziz Azari told Time about the influential mom, “I cannot say how much I admire and respect Amy Poehler.  In comedy, a lot of what you see feels derivative and uninspired; with Amy, 39, there is always something fresh and unexpected, and that’s why I love her work.”

Photo: PR Photos