Celeb Mom Style: Angelina Jolie Turns Up Heat In Red Dress (Photos)

angelina jolie
Angelina Jolie glows in red!

Angelina Jolie has a very distinct celeb mom style, and she’s known for typically wearing monochrome colors such as beige, black, and grey. For the Tree of Life premiere in Los Angeles, however, Angie really turned up the heat by wearing this stunning, sheer red dress. Doesn’t she look absolutely amazing?

The red color brightens up her skin tone and makes her absolutely glow. In fact, she almost looks happier to me in these photos than she normally does. You can tell that she feels incredibly confident in this gown.

Here is another photo from the night of Angelina and her main squeeze, Brad Pitt. Talk about a gorgeous couple!

angelina jolie and brad pitt
Brad and Angie look super hot!

Angelina Jolie should really think about adding more color to her wardrobe. The bright hues definitely suit her!

Photos: PRPhotos

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