Celeb Mom Style: Cindy Crawford's Wardrobe Staple? Skinny Jeans (Photos)

cindy crawford
Cindy Crawford's signature look is skinny jeans.

One way that celeb moms really know how to make their style look classic and effortless is by sticking to what looks good on their bodies. By going with the whole, “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” concept when it comes to a signature look to fall back on, famous mamas can ensure that they’re camera ready even when they aren’t expecting to be photographed.

Supermodel mom Cindy Crawford is no stranger to knowing what looks work best for her, and her favorite appears to be skinny jeans.

This photo of Cindy was taken this week after doing a little shopping at the Malibu Country Mart. Though she was dressed casually to run her errands, Cindy still looks gorgeous and completely put together. The jeans hug every curve of her body, and the khaki blouse really accentuates her tan California skin.

Many women are wearing skinny jeans these days, but Cindy was way ahead of the curve on this trend. Check out these photos of Cindy below. As you can see, she’s been rocking the skinny jean look since 2006!

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  • Are these Cindy’s favorite jeans? 1 of 7
    Are these Cindy's favorite jeans?
    Cindy wore her classic look for dinner with her daughter and friends.
  • Date Night at Nobu 2010 2 of 7
    Date Night at Nobu 2010
    Cindy's jeans look familiar, don't they?
  • Black jeans in 2008 3 of 7
    Black jeans in 2008
    Cindy went for a darker pair of jeans while out to dinner.
  • Labor Day Weekend 2007 4 of 7
    Labor Day Weekend 2007
    Jeans were Cindy's choice for the Malibu Summer Carnival.
  • Malibu 2007 5 of 7
    Malibu 2007
    Cindy wore skinny jeans to the Malibu Country Mart four years ago.
  • Dinner with Rande Gerber in 2006 6 of 7
    Dinner with Rande Gerber in 2006
    Cindy sported skinny jeans for date night with her hubby.
  • Roberto Cavalli party in 2006 7 of 7
    Roberto Cavalli party in 2006
    Cindy sticks to her signature look.