Celeb Mom Style: Claudia Shiffer Summons Up The 70's

Hippy Chic! Supermodel Claudia Schiffer looks every inch the seventies screen siren out and about in London
Claudia rocks the hippie look.

Supermodel Claudia Shiffer looks as though she dropped right out of the seventies with her recent look.

While running errands, mom and model donned a fluffy blouse and flowered scarf. Yet always stylish, Claudia can definitely rock the hippie look.

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  • Floral Scarf 1 of 4
    Floral Scarf
    A long, flowing floral scarf completes her look.
  • Hippie Chic 2 of 4
    Hippie Chic
    Claudia looks every inch the seventies screen siren in a floaty blouse.
  • Washed Out Jean Skirt 3 of 4
    Washed Out Jean Skirt
    Her jean skirt look comfy and worn, the same way our jeans did when we were kids.
  • Accessorize! 4 of 4
    The supermodel accessorizes with stylish shades and a brown bag.

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