Celeb Mom Style: Emily Maynard's New Nail Polish

emily maynard, brad womack
Emily Maynard talks nails!

Lately on Twitter, Emily Maynard has been talking nails!

Bachelor Brad womack’s fiancee has been sharing her favorite trends.  What nail colors does she like to wear?

She is loving the new pale fingernail trend, just like celebrity moms Halle Berry and Cate Blanchett wore at the 2011 Oscars. Find out her favorite nail polish after the jump!

For example,Emily likes OPI nail polish/lacquer in Fiji Weejee Fawn S47.

OPI nail polish / lacquer - Fiji Weejee Fawn S47
OPI nail polish/lacquer - Fiji Weejee Fawn S47
Essie Ballet Slippers
Essie Ballet Slippers

Emily also likes Ballet Slippers by OPI by Sephora Ballet Slippers line (spec. gray color) or Essie Ballet Slippers.

Emily said on Twitter that she also does Shellac on her nails, a new gel nail product that is applied in a number of layers, utilizing an UV lamp to harden the gel product between each layer.

Halle Berry wears pale pink at 2011 Oscars