Celeb Mom Style: Get Reese Witherspoon's Peaches and Cream Complexion

reese witherspoon skin care
A good moisturizer is all it takes to get Reese Witherspoon's complexion?

Reese Witherspoon is the ultimate girl-next-door.  She has such a beautiful, natural look. How can we get her peaches and cream complexion?

Well, let’s ignore that she gets the occasional facial and that there are rumors that she has had botox and focus on her skin care tricks that we can steal! Reese credits sunscreen, a good moisturizer, and her grandmother’s genes for her gorgeous complexion.

Again, we can’t do anything about our genes, but we can use her moisturizer!

Reese Witherspoon has used JASON C-Effects Hyper-C Serum in the past, which contains a multi-antioxidant complex. 

Another product to try is Ole Henriksen Truth Revealed Super Creme. Or, you can try Philosophy’s When Hope Is Not Enough, which is what saved my skin when my third pregnancy sucked every last bit of moisture out of my skin.

Photo: PRPhotos

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