Celeb Mom Style: Halle Berry's Laid-Back Bikini Shopping Look

halle berry
Halle Berry has a laid-back style off-camera!

Halle Berry may be pretty glammed up most of the time, but she’s really just an everyday mom like the rest of us when she isn’t walking the red carpet!

On a recent shopping trip to the grocery store, Halle proved that she really embraces living in LA with her laid-back beach style. You can see Halle shopping with daughter Nahla on her hip in these photos. She must have been either coming from the beach or on her way there, because she is dressed in a bikini top and cover up.

I honestly wouldn’t have even known that was Halle Berry if I’d run into her in the produce aisle. It must be nice to live in a warm climate where you can get your milk and eggs wearing a bathing suit!

Photo: Pacific Coast News