Celeb Mom Style: How to Make Stripes Work for You Like Jennifer Hudson Does

jennifer hudson style
Jennifer Hudson proves stripes can be flattering

I really haven’t been a fan of horizontal stripes since pre-kids, when I didn’t have to worry about if something made me look wider. Ah, the innocence of youth.

Since then, I’ve pretty much avoided horizontal stripes. But, this cute dress works for Jennifer Hudson. Why?

The fit of the dress is really key. The stripes emphasize her curves as the dress hugs her body.  The blue stripe across her stomach actually her waist look smaller.  Wider, dark stripes help.

See a striped dress you like? Don’t automatically discount it as something you’d never wear. Try it on. If the stripes fall in the right places like they do on Jennifer Hudson’s dress, buy it!

Photo: PRPhotos

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