Celeb Mom Style: Jennifer Garner Looks Neat and Pulled Together Even With Wet Hair! (Photos)

jennifer garner
Jennifer Garner pulls off wet hair!

Celeb mom Jennifer Garner is known for her casual and relaxed style, and somehow she always manages to look gorgeous no matter what she is wearing. These new photos were taken of Jennifer walking to her car in Santa Monica. As you can see, she looks neat and completely pulled together…even with wet hair!

I can’t even get away with leaving the house without a full-on blow dry, so Jen is incredibly lucky that she can pull of the wet look without frizz to worry about!

The jeans that Jennifer has on look great, and I love how the edges of her sunglasses have hints of purple to perfectly accent the blouse she is wearing.

Jennifer has found herself surrounded by pregnancy rumors these days, and honestly, it’s very hard to tell when comparing photos of her. In these shots, her stomach looks relatively flat to me, yet in pictures taken over the weekend while she was out with Violet and Seraphina, she looked a little bulkier around the middle.

Check out the photo below…do you think Jennifer Garner is pregnant?


jennifer garner
Does Jennifer look pregnant to you?


At this point, I think it could go either way.

Photos: Pacific Coast News