Celeb Mom Style: Jennifer Hudson Without Makeup, Wears Maxi Dress, Hot or Not?

jennifer hudson without makeup striped maxi dress
Photos of Jennifer Hudson without makeup online

Check out Jennifer Hudson without makeup, wearing a simple maxi dress – is Jennifer Hudson hot or not, au naturel?

I love seeing celebs without makeup – it’s nice to see them stripped down without loads of makeup… and Jennifer Hudson is looking good!

For as much of a fashion plate that Jennifer Hudson has become, it’s awesome that this celeb mom can dress down and ditch the makeup – and just be natural and laid back like us regular folks! Super casual style!

Still, Jennifer Hudson is taking some heat for the no makeup photos, with some squawking about how anyone – celebrity or not – can leave their house without a stitch of makeup.

It can be done, ladies.

What do you think of Jennifer Hudson’s natural look?

We’ve seen a simple striped maxi dress like the one Jennifer’s wearing at Macy’s and other cute stripey maxi dresses at Charlotte Russe and Alloy.

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