Celeb Mom Style: Julia Roberts Ditches a Dress for a Suit at Larry Crowne Premiere (Photos)

julia roberts
Julia Roberts works the red carpet in a suit!

Julia Roberts is one celeb mom who is known for looking truly glamorous on the red carpet, but she decided to go a more casual route for the premiere of her new movie, Larry Crowne, in LA. Julia ditched the fancy dress in favor of a chic black pantsuit, and she still looks every bit the movie star!

If anyone can pull off a suit on the red carpet, it’s definitely Julia Roberts. Her presence alone makes her glow and stand out, and that green necklace she wore gave her look a nice pop of color.

Julia stars alongside Tom Hanks in Larry Crowne, and the film officially comes out on July 1st.

Here are some more photos of Julia and her sleek look at the premiere of Larry Crowne. What do you think of her outfit?

Photos: Pacific Coast News

  • Not a Diva 1 of 5
    Not a Diva
    Julia is no diva...she'll talk to anyone!
  • Looking Happy 2 of 5
    Looking Happy
    There's Julia's famous smile!
  • Caught Mid-Sentence 3 of 5
    Caught Mid-Sentence
    Julia talks to fans on the red carpet.
  • Waving to the Crowd 4 of 5
    Waving to the Crowd
    Julia had plenty of onlookers and fans at the premiere.
  • Stunning as Ever 5 of 5
    Stunning as Ever
    Julia looks just as great in a suit as she does in a dress!

Check out Julia Roberts’ Hollywood style transformation!