Celeb Mom Style: Kirstie Alley Loses Weight on Dancing With The Stars! How?

kirstie alley
Kirstie Alley

Kirstie Alley has been losing weight before our eyes on Dancing With The Stars!

The celebrity mom said she lost weight dancing but doesn’t know how much.

“All I go by is clothes. I bought all these dresses. In different sizes. Same dress,” said Kirstie Alley on Good Morning America.

Once she started dropping weight, her dress sizes have been shrinking too!    “And I thought when you are there [at the smallest dress size] you are done sort of. I finally have people say, ‘Oh my god you have to eat something.'”

“I’m probably two sizes away from ‘there'”, she said.

The mom of two has revealed she has almost completed her journey of weight loss!

The actress has taken us on her weight-loss journey in front of the cameras, and America, that you can lose weight by diet and the most fun way of exercise dancing!

Showing off her footwork, the judges are impressed with Kirstie’s ability to pull off the amazing moves at 60-years-old!

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