Celeb Mom Style: Nicole Richie Leaves the Gym Spiked-Out! (Photos)

nicole richie, simple life
Nicole Richie leaves the gym in a studded leather jacket.

It’s a Simple Life for Nicole Richie as she was recently spotted leaving the gym in Los Angeles on Tuesday (Sept. 27).

The celebrity mom and reality star left the gym wearing a spiked and studded leather jacket fit for a hardcore biker.

Nicole celebrated her birthday last week when she turned the big 3-0! She tweeted, “I can’t believe the outpour of birthday love I am getting on twitter today! From the bottom of my heart (& the top), THANK YOU SO MUCH.”

Take a look at the photos of Nicole below!

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    Nicole Richie
    It's hard to believe that Nicole was once only known as Paris Hilton's other half.
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    Nicole Richie
    Now, Paris Hilton isn't even a blip on the radar.
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    Nicole Richie
    Nicole has come into her own and is now a mother of two beautiful children.
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    Nicole Richie
    Richie is currently filming a reality show with Jessica Simpson titled, "Fashion Star."
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    Nicole Richie
    The reality series will find the next big fashion designer.
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    Nicole Richie
    If Nicole were to get pregnant again, her and Jessica would be pregnant at the same time on the show.
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    Nicole Richie
    Nicole is sporting a spiked leather jacket.
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    Nicole Richie
    She's also carrying a red/orange bag which seems to be a color of the season.
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    Nicole Richie
    What do you think of Nicole's outfit?

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