Celeb Mom Style Oops: Britney Spears Shows Too Much on Femme Fatale Tour


Britney Spear Femme Fatale tourI know, I know. Britney Spears has a history of being a little bit of a mess in recent years. But, despite that, I have always thought that she was really pretty.

After having two kids, her weight didn’t go down to skeleton-like proportions like some other celeb moms.  Britney Spears had soft curves and looked very feminine.

But, Britney Spears is pushing it a little with her costumes on her Femme Fatale Tour. If she would just cover herself up a little bit, she could still look sexy. Instead, she looks a little trashy. Take a look for yourself:

Photos: PCN

Video: Britney Spears on Balancing Her Tour and Motherhood

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