Celeb Mom Style: Pregnant Victoria Beckham Pulls Off Wearing Leather Pants!

victoria beckham
Victoria Beckham Still Fashionable While Pregnant

Victoria Beckham managed to turn heads at the Royal Wedding this past weekend when she turned up at Westminster Abbey in a chic navy frock, and super-high heels! Victoria has never been a stranger to fashion, and being pregnant with her fourth child hasn’t changed that one bit!

This photo was taken of Victoria and her boys arriving back at LAX after leaving London. Can you believe that Beckham managed to pull off wearing leather pants even while pregnant?

Most moms dress as comfortably as possible while traveling by air, but Victoria must think that looking amazing is worth putting the yoga pants aside, even for a transatlantic flight.

Seeing the extra effort that Victoria Beckham puts in to look her best makes me want to spice up my wardrobe a bit. If a pregnant gal can pull off those pants, so can I!

Photo: Pacific Coast News


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