Celeb Mom Style: Sarah Palin Vs. Elisabeth Hasselbeck

elizabeth hasselbeck, sarah palin
Elizabeth Hasselbeck and Sarah Palin go at it once again.

Celebrity moms once united, now stand with beef between one another. Elisabeth Hasselbeck once stood beside Sarah Palin as she campaigned for higher office in 2008, Palin has ignored the View cohost as of late, and Hasselbeck is none too pleased. And in light of the current quarrel, we took it upon ourselves to throw the ladies into the ring together and judge both of them for their style sensibilities.

In one corner we have Elisabeth Hasselbeck, mom of three kids, who always seems classy and clean with her fashion choices, likes to keep it pretty conservative. But let’s not forget that conservative doesn’t always mean boring. Even out for a day with her daughter, she chooses to glam it up.

In the other corner we have Sarah Palin, who also seems to remain conservative in her life and her fashion choices. But this time, Palin bores us with her motherly taste –  and I mean that in a bad way. Take for instance her laced jacket that clearly looks like it belong on a woman older than 60-years-old. The idea is to make yourself look younger, Palin.

This time the win goes to Hasselbeck. But, the war still rages on.

What do you think of Palin and Hasselbeck’s fashion choices?

[Photos via Pacific Coast News.]