Celeb Mom Style: Victoria Beckham Takes Pregnant in Heels to the Next Level at Royal Wedding!

victoria beckham
Victoria Beckham is really "Pregnant in Heels!"

If anyone knows about chic celeb mom style, it’s definitely Victoria Beckham. She was one of the most envied ladies in London this weekend, as she made the guest list for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s Royal Wedding. In addition to getting to attend the service at Westminster Abbey, Victoria also had the hunkiest date ever for the event in husband David Beckham. I saw his Royal Wedding picture posted on more than one of my friend’s Facebook pages with the caption, “Yummy!”, on Friday.

Victoria Beckham may be pregnant, but she proved that you don’t have to sacrifice fashion to accommodate a growing baby bump. She looked stunning in her navy frock and hat, and she definitely took the concept of “pregnant in heels” to the next level with her shoes. Check out how high they are!

I’m not pregnant and I seriously doubt I could walk ten steps in those heels. How in the world did Victoria Beckham pull those off without falling over?

I’m sure having David Beckham’s arm handy to grab onto for stability didn’t hurt.

Photo: Pacific Coast News