Celeb Mom Victoria Beckham Bans Too-Thin Models From Wearing Her Collection

Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham Wants Healthy Models For Her Collection

Celeb mom Victoria Beckham is everyone’s favorite fashionista, and she just launched her new 2011 collection at Fashion Week. Even though she is also known for being pin-thin, Victoria doesn’t want women to have an unhealthy image of their bodies.

Beckham is so passionate about celebrating women’s bodies, curves and all, that she even turned away at least a dozen models from wearing items from her new collection on the catwalk. She banned any models smaller than a size four to six from being in her show. She reportedly wanted them to look like they were at a healthy weight, not malnourished.

Even though she has been scrutinized for her tiny frame, Victoria Beckham is definitely giving the impression that she respects women and wants them to feel good in her collection. By showing normal looking models wearing her clothes, they become much more appealing and realistic to everyday moms.

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