Celeb Moms' Secret For Toned Arms


Have you noticed that celeb moms are looking extra buff this summer in their sleeveless shirts? They are obviously working very hard to make sure that their arms look lean and toned. And their secret to achieving the toned arm look? It’s definitely not weight training. That’s just so 2005.

Celebrity moms can probably attribute their toned arms to one thing in particular: carrying around their kiddos!

Ashlee Simpson recently said that her lean limbs are a result of carrying her 33 lb. son, Bronx, up and down the many stairs in her house

And she isn’t the only celebrity mama who has figured out this little secret!

Jennifer Garner certainly has her hands full with daughters Violet and Seraphina, but her hard work is paying off! She’ll never have to worry about flabby arms with two cute tots to tote around!

And I don’t foresee the dreaded “batwing” arm syndrome being a problem in Angelina Jolie’s future. She’s got her pick of kiddos to lift for a little upper body muscle action!

Photos: Pacific Coast News