Celeb Moms Show Off Fave Summer Shoes on Twitter


Celeb moms have been showing off their favorite shoes on Twitter!  Mrs. Beckham likes her Burberry boots while celebrity mom Tori Spelling made some shoes for her friend’s wedding.  Brooke Burke loves her strappy purple heels.

Who knew Tori Spelling was not only a writer and actress but she’s crafty too!  Tori tweeted a pic of the shoes she made for a friend’s wedding!  Tori tweeted:
“Her color- Tiffany Blue. Dyed them&embellished w/pearls.”

Here’s a pic of the amazing shoes Tori made:

Victoria Beckham tweeted about her Burberry stiletto booties:
“I LOVE my new boots!!!!!!!”

Dancing with the Stars host Brooke Burke tweeted a pic of her sassy purple heels with the message that these heels are “her favorite” shoes!

Photo of Tori Spelling: Pacific Coast News

Other Photos:  Tori Spelling, Victoria Beckham, Brooke Burke